News Visualized Over
Stock Charts

Save Time Researching Public Companies


What is Beeken?

Beeken visualizes news over stock charts saving users time researching publicly traded companies. In one glance you can understand what kind of stories drove prices to spike or dip over a given date range without wasting time searching the web or signing up to news sites that flood your inbox with an overwhelming list of news. Everything is displayed on one easy to use dashboard. Beeken connects to millions of articles from reputable major news outlets. Stories are visualized on top of stock charts as nodes that you can expand, allowing you to grasp a year’s worth of news in just a couple of minutes. Additionally, through natural language processing Beeken filters stories by sentiment (positive, neutral, negative).

Who can benefit from Beeken?

  • People who invest in the stock market

  • People who invest in forex

  • PR Managers working at publicly traded companies

  • Journalists who write about publicly traded companies

  • Financial institutions who want to help their in-branch advisors be more efficient

  • Independent financial advisors

  • Analysts

Initial Beta Features

  • Search any US/CND stocks (forex, crypto coming soon)

  • Company news visualized over price charts

  • Forex news visualized over price chart (coming soon)

  • Crypto news visualized over price chart (coming soon)

  • Sentiment analysis of each news item

  • Create custom portfolios

  • Take notes and download reports into PDF


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